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After graduating from an Ivy League University and working as a Wall Street investment banker, I battled depression and OCD.

It almost ruined my life.

I learned how to improve my health and am dedicated to helping others overcome hardships and optimize their financial and emotional wellbeing. 

I'm also an expert in trading stock options and my students target a return of ~30%+ every year.


Trading Options

Discover how to earn ~30% every year in minutes a day


In 2023 results: +138% (Small Account) and 35% (Large Account)

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Public Speaking

I deliver valuable and actionable information in a concise and friendly manner on the following topics:

  • Personal Finance / Corporate Finance
  • Stock Options Trading
  • Internet Marketing
  • Health & Wellness Optimization
  • Maximizing Potential / Achieving Goals
  • Overcoming Depression & OCD

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