David Jaffee

Stock Options Trader & Coach

Public Speaker

I can help you learn new skills

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While working as an investment banker, I battled depression and OCD

It almost ruined my life

I learned how to optimize my health and now I speak 

publicly about overcoming hardships because helping others provides me with a sense of fulfillment

I'm also an expert in trading stock options and my students target a return of ~40%+ every year


Trading Options

Discover how to earn ~40% every year in minutes a day


I traded an account that gained 117% with a 100% win rate

Click the video below to review the trading statement & screen recording:

Public Speaking

I deliver valuable and actionable information in a concise and friendly manner on the following topics:

  • Personal Finance / Corporate Finance
  • Stock Options Trading
  • Internet Marketing
  • Health & Wellness Optimization
  • Maximizing Potential / Achieving Goals
  • Overcoming Depression & OCD

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