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Can You Get Rich from Options Trading?

Most people want to make a million dollars but not very many know how to accomplish this goal.

David Jaffee of has taught more than 2,500 members how to make money trading options.


You will not become a millionaire in an instant, but you can get rich from options trading with discipline and patience.

If you learn the best options trading strategy and avoid getting greedy, you can make a living by trading options.

Keep reading to learn how to get rich from options trading.

What percentage of options traders make money?

How hard is it to be successful trading options?

David Jaffee explains that selling option premium gives you the best probability of earning a profit.

By structuring your trades using the best options trading strategy, you can win up to 98% of your trades.

If you want to learn the best options trading strategy with the least risk, selling option premium is the best choice.

Instead of trading too frequently and taking big risks, David Jaffee teaches his students how to act like an insurance company.

Making smart trades with low risk lets you collect premium, earning a consistent profit by trading options.

Based on simple probability alone, options traders who use the right strategy have at least an 80% probability of success.

With David Jaffee’s options trading course, you can increase your probability of success by winning up to 98% of your trades.

Are there options traders who made millions?

Is it even possible to make millions trading options?

David Jaffee believes that traders can earn $1 million by trading options.

You may wonder who are the most successful options traders.

David Jaffee is a successful options trading coach.

In 2023, David Jaffee was up 138% (small account) and +35% (Large Account) – he also teaches the best options trading course.

A 100% win rate for trading options sounds great, but David Jaffee worked hard to achieve that level of success.

David Jaffee graduated from an Ivy League university, spent years in investment banking, and made plenty of mistakes before discovering the best strategy for options trading (and teaching the #1 options trading course).

Through discipline and hard work, options traders can be consistently profitable.

Can I make a living trading options?

While we would all love to make a million dollars, not everybody needs that level of income.

Many people start trading options to supplement their existing income or replace their full-time job.

You may be in a job you hate. You may find that you have no time to spend with family. Or you may simply need some extra money each year.

No matter your circumstances, you can make a living trading options.

Again, the key to success is patience and discipline.

You have to invest in yourself and learn the best strategies for trading options.

Setting unrealistic expectations when it comes to trading will only lead to failure.

Traders who get greedy and try to earn 300%+ per year usually end up losing money.

You can earn ~30% each year by selling option premium, if you have the discipline.

What is the most successful options strategy?

The only way to get rich trading options is to use the most successful option strategy.

There are many option trading strategies out there, and it is easy to get lured in by promises of big returns.

Unfortunately, many of these strategies encourage you to take big risks or trade too frequently.

David Jaffee teaches members how to make smart trades by selling option premium.

This strategy allows you to reduce your risk trading options and maximize your options trading profits.

While options trading may start as a side hustle, dedication and persistence can help you get rich selling option premium.

David Jaffee’s online options trading course breaks down the most successful options strategy.

You can find the best options strategy for beginners and relevant information for advanced traders in his comprehensive course.

More than 2,500 members have learned the most successful options strategy from David Jaffee, and many have shared their real results and successes along with many their David Jaffee and review.

You can also follow David Jaffee’s trade alerts to see his strategy in action.

Gain a complete understanding of which trades David Jaffee makes as well as insight into why those trades are successful.

So, can you get rich from options trading?

If you are willing to learn and be discipline, you absolutely can.

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