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How to Trade Options

Many people want to become traders to earn financial freedom and independence. The best way to trade isn't actually to trade stocks, rather it's to learn how to trade options so that you can earn additional income while reducing risk.


There are plenty of ways to learn how to trade options that do NOT lead to success.

Keep reading to learn how to trade options the right way with proven strategies to win almost every option trade.

Don’t guess when it comes to trading options.

Forget everything you think you know about how to trade options. Even if you attended the best university or work for a respected finance company, you probably have not yet learned the best strategy for trading options as a retail trader.

There are common misconceptions that influence how people trade options, leaving them unsuccessful and frustrated.

One popular idea is that you have to buy options and make low probability trades when trading options.

Traders need to avoid low probability trades - this is why day traders lose money. A day trader may think they can buy Facebook at $195 and sell it for a profit, but the trader is betting on direction – which is risky.

Options sellers profit because the expected volatility is almost always more than the actual volatility.

When buying options, you're statistically likely to lose money because actual volatility has to exceed expected volatility and you must be right directionally.

Stop listening to fake gurus to learn how to trade options.

Too many options trading coaches today are scammers just trying to take your money. These individuals promise that you can turn $10,000 to $10 million, publishing countless YouTube videos and blogs full of empty words.

The reality is that these fake gurus day trade, a strategy that is proven to be unsuccessful for the majority of traders. Fake gurus try to predict price action based charts and technical analysis.

David Jaffee of has found that these individuals are preying on innocent people.

With more than 20 years of experience trading options, David Jaffee has uncovered how these gurus use fake social proof, fake reviews, and fake websites to convince people to start day trading.

Stop looking for get-rich-quick schemes to learn how to trade options.

In addition to fake gurus promising instant success, many traders fall into the trap of looking for tips and tricks to cut corners.

If you are looking for a proven method to successfully trade options, a get-rich-quick scheme is never the answer.

David Jaffee is an options trading coach who shares his trades with his students. He readily acknowledges that this success did not happen overnight. David Jaffee combines his unique background and experience and has taught more than 1,500 students how to trade options successfully.

Learn how to trade options by selling insurance.

David Jaffee teaches a different approach to options trading than most gurus and coaches.

David Jaffee’s online options trading course provides a step-by-step breakdown of the best options trading strategy, and his trading alerts help traders win 95%+ of their trades.

Instead of teaching students to be hyper-active when trading options, David Jaffee promotes a strategy of patience.

David Jaffee’s course teaches students how to trade options as if they're a casino, not a gambler.

By learning how to sell put options and call options, traders can act like an insurance company and collect option premium while winning 95%+ of their trades.

David Jaffee breaks down how there are two excellent ways to make money in the stock market.

First, market makers like Goldman Sachs fill transactions by matching buyers and sellers. They take a tiny profit from each transaction, taking no directional risk and acting like a broker.

For retail traders, the best way to make money in the stock market is by learning how to sell options and selling option premiums.

These two strategies are the best and most successful methods that have a a statistical advantage to consistently make money in the stock market.

Think long-term to successfully trade options.

Finally, it is important to realize that successfully trading options is a long-term game. There is no shortcut or secret to success that will enable you to learn this valuable skill overnight.

Through his YouTube channel and blogs, David Jaffee encourages his students to consistently work on improving themselves.

Every single subscriber to David Jaffee’s trade alerts learns how to make money, and his online trading course has impressive positive reviews.

This success comes from a considerable wealth of knowledge and experience, creating a time-tested strategy for trading options.

By committing to learning, growing, and practicing with the proper strategies, anyone can learn how to trade options and make money.

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