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David Jaffee: The BEST Options Trading Coach

An Overview of David Jaffee and BestStockStrategy - Options Trading Coach

In this blog post, we will walk through everything you need to know about David Jaffee and BestStockStrategy so that you can understand the many benefits of taking a new approach to options trading.


As an ex-Wall Street investment banker and Ivy League graduate, I have my finger on the pulse when it comes to all things stock, options trading and finance. Simply speaking, I know what I’m talking about when it comes to stock options trading. Through my website, I offer opportunities for you to share in this insider knowledge.

Within two to three weeks, you will learn the absolute best trading strategy to support you in your own trading journey. For a taste of what to expect, check out my YouTube channel:

A question I often get asked is, ‘What is BestStockStrategy and how can it help me make money?’

Since starting BestStockStrategy, I have noticed that a vast number of my clients come to me with very little knowledge of stocks, options and trading.

They want a sure-fire and simple way to bring in some extra income. What I offer is a user-friendly, interactive training course on stock options trading, where I place my students (you) at the forefront.

This review from one of my students will provide more information about what to expect: Student Review.

I know that everybody approaches trading with different knowledge and expectations and it is my priority to ensure that you have an excellent experience.

I'm an expert options trader and options trading coach - my students usually earn ~40%+ every year.

When I’m asked, why do I do this? Why didn’t I stay on Wall Street?  Why am I now a stock options coach and options trading coach?

The answer is simple:

I have the knowledge to be able to go solo, or rogue if you will. The experience I have in trading stock options enables me to put my focus into BestStockStrategy and do something that I love.

Wall Street was stressful and not good for my health. I am able to leverage my talents by trading on my own and helping others.

Why do something that makes you miserable, when you can do something that you love and be happy?

In this video, I share my thoughts and experiences about working on Wall Street as an investment banker. Wall Street isn’t always what you’d expect: Investment Banker Finance Secrets.

By removing myself from Wall Street investment banking, I am able to support others to learn the benefits of stock options training and I’m feeling more fulfilled than ever before!

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