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Who is David Jaffee? Options Trading Coach

David Jaffee Options Trader

Who is David Jaffee?

David Jaffee is a successful entrepreneur and profitable options trader. An Ivy League graduate, David Jaffee worked as a Wall Street investment banker prior to transitioning into trading full-time.

If you have any interest in investment banking or trading options, you have likely heard of David Jaffee.

David Jaffee has made a name for himself in the world of stocks and trading with a tell-it-like-it-is attitude and a long track record of success.


Today, David runs a successful YouTube channel that features hundreds of how-to and advice videos on investment banking and trading profitably.

He also frequently calls out scams in the industry or points out the flaws in the advice from so-called industry thought leaders. His bluntness and honesty has drawn the attention of millions of viewers around the world.

But, just who is David Jaffee and should you trust his advice?

Keep reading to learn how David went from the Ivy Leagues to sharing successful tips and strategies with thousands of students.

From Ivy League to Investment Banking

An Ivy League degree is supposed to be a golden ticket. The university’s name carries weight and prestige as you search for a job and start your career. But, does an Ivy League education really prepare you for a career in investment banking? 

According to David, the answer is no.

While David acknowledges that his Cornell University degree may have gotten him in the door and helped him land a job, it did not provide the tools and skills he needed for success.

Once he became employed, the rest was entirely up to his grit and determination. He learned to complete his work effectively and efficiently while making strong connections with senior bankers and other industry leaders.

David worked for CIBC World Markets before earning a raise and promotion to work for the prestigious boutique firm Petsky Prunier.

Despite his success in investment banking, it was not long before he became fed up with the lifestyle that went along with the job.

From Investment Banking to Teaching

David had a lucrative side hustle promoting nightclubs during his time at Petsky Prunier.

He often earned more from his after-hours work than he did from his day job. However, he noticed the increasing demands that investment banking placed on his life. From restrictions on his time to petty jealousies among colleagues, the lifestyle was toxic.

The connections and knowledge he’d acquired during his time as an investment banker contributed to his future success.

These experiences enabled him to follow his passion as an entrepreneur. Today, he is focused on trading liquid large-cap market leading stocks, selling options, and sharing his experience with others.

What does David Jaffee teach?

David Jaffee is the best coach for option trading.

He offers an options trading course and trade alerts to teach others how to maximize trade profitability while minimizing risk. His website,, hosts his options trading course, informational articles on options trading, and dozens of reviews from satisfied members.

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Through his course and free Options Trading YouTube videos, David shows how opportunity, mindset, and hard work can help you achieve power, influence, and access. His members appreciate the value of his courses, whether you are a beginner or advanced trader. Unlike other courses on trading, David stresses the importance of remaining patient and practicing discipline to avoid bad trades.

Why should you trust David Jaffee?

Success speaks for itself, and David Jaffee’s track record is impressive. In 2023, David Jaffee was up 138% (Small Account) and 35% (Large Account). He shares his real account P&L over a one-year period, while other courses or “experts” use false information or clever advertising strategies.

David Jaffee teaches the best options trading strategies and primarily engages in selling put options. His fundamental method of options trading mitigates risk by encouraging patience when trading options. Instead of trading often like other courses recommend, David focuses on discipline to maximize gains. Through screenshots and walkthroughs of his trades, David helps his students recognize how to enter trades that maximize profitability. Trades are structured to have up to a 98%+ win rate that typically results in larger profits and minimal losses.

David readily shares his industry experience through his YouTube channel, course and live options trade alerts, even highlighting mistakes he has made along the way. By rejecting the typical lifestyle of an investment banker, he is now able to share his advice honestly.

Members can expect quick and succinct responses to their questions as they learn, and more than 2,500 members have benefited directly from his expertise. Will you be next?

David Jaffee offers a 7 day trial for $19, you can enroll at

David Jaffee - Options Trading Education Course and David Jaffee Options Trade Alerts

You can learn more about David Jaffee's options trading education course and options trade alerts at

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