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Is David Jaffee the Best Options Trading Coach?

A quick Google search will turn up hundreds of results for options trading coaches and courses. Everyone promises success, and in record time, making it difficult to know who to trust. Some may choose their options trading course based on price alone, while others look for convenience. However, if you want to be truly successful, it is important to know the reputation of the coach and their track record with options trading.


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While David Jaffe spells his name as David Jaffee, let's get to know who David Jaffee is.

Who is David Jaffee?

David Jaffee, of, offers a step-by-step options trading course promising the best stock market strategy and consistent profits. His real-time trade alerts subscription enables you to follow his exact trades, and his YouTube account is full of free advice on options trading. But, is David Jaffee the best options trading coach? Keep reading to learn more. 

David Jaffee’s Option Trading Strategies

First, let’s review David Jaffee’s option trading strategies to understand the type of content you can expect from his course and free resources. For years, David has focused his strategies on selling option premium. By focusing on option premium, traders can enjoy higher returns with a lower risk.

David Jaffee also preaches patience when it comes to options trading. Instead of trading often, a strategy encouraged by many other option trading courses, David relies on discipline to select the best trades. Waiting for high probability trades results in larger profits and minimal losses. 

Options Trading Course from David Jaffee

Through, David Jaffee offers a comprehensive options trading course. With step-by-step instructions, all experience levels can understand the course material and learn more about options trading. The course is comprised of 12 efficient email lessons, including text, videos, and presentations. Options trading topics are broken down into succinct and easy-to-understand formats.

David Jaffee also offers a subscription to his real-time trade alerts. Subscribers can learn how to trade profitably by following David’s exact trades and learning from the explanations provided. Alerts also include screenshots with relevant information that options traders need for a 95%+ win rate.

Emmett Moore from reviewed David Jaffee and, David's options trading materials received almost a perfect score. You can read Emmett Moore's review of David Jaffee here (part 1) and here (part 2). and Free Information

In addition to his paid course and alerts subscription, David Jaffee gives a considerable amount of information on options trading away for free. His YouTube videos cover everything from tips to have a 100% win rate to making money during a recession. His videos garner thousands of views and hundreds of comments each, with viewers sharing their experience and successes in options trading. also features a comprehensive blog on options trading strategies to win almost every trade. David posts new articles throughout the year, breaking down aspects of his trading strategy, tips on investing, and market advice.

David Jaffee is also very outspoken when it comes to other options trading courses or options trading gurus. He posts in-depth review videos and blogs on popular figures in options trading and finance, providing a realistic perspective on the educational options available for traders. This information is available at no cost through his YouTube channel, blog, and social media channels

Is David Jaffee Successful?

All of the courses and free advice mean nothing if David Jaffee is an unsuccessful trader. Thankfully, he is one of the few successful options trader that shares his trades with his students. A recent video on his YouTube channel shows how he ended 2019 up 117% with a 100% win rate. Instead of making outlandish claims or falsifying his earnings, David provides hard evidence to support his strategy.

It is also clear that David Jaffee is not a novice when it comes to options trading and understanding the stock market. David graduated from Cornell University with honors and went on to have a considerable career as a Wall Street investment banker. His grit and determination propelled him to success in New York City real estate and successfully promote nightlife for years. Now an entrepreneur, David has published multiple books on trading and finance and speaks publicly on the topics. Reviews

More than 1,000 students have completed David Jaffee’s options trading course, and reviews for the course show that his strategy works. Students can make money by following the strategies and trade alerts from In fact, the options trading course from received one of the few positive reviews on the Real P&L YouTube channel.

Students enrolled in David Jaffee’s options trading course feel they receive considerable value for their money, learn relevant and helpful information, and improve their trades. Enrolling in the course also provides a direct line of communication with David, and he is very responsive when students ask questions via email.

When you pull all of the evidence together, it is clear that David Jaffee is the best options trading coach. His track record of success, wealth of experience, and candid nature provide clear and actionable steps for his students. Beginner and advanced traders can learn a great deal from his free and paid resources, maximizing their profits while minimizing risk. 

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